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Our Services we Specialize in is to help Enforce your Parking Rules as an Owner or Manager For your Apartment, Condominium, Business, Parking Garage and or Empty Lot! 

We work by your rules and regulations and we work very well with our clients.

 Give us a call and we can better explain any and all questions you may have 

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Watch for the big  "TOW TRUCKS FOR TOTS"  Event coming in November

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Vic's Towing Company also offers Private Towing, Jump Starts & Lockouts at a great rate! 

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for your services? 

A: Look for the Contract Forms Button and click on the forms or we can personally Deliver, Email, Fax or Mail one to you.

Q: How much is your Service for your Relocation Towing (Private Property Parking Enforcement) ? 

A: Vic's Towing Company Offers our Relocation Towing Service "FREE OF CHARGE"  to Owners/Managers! this also includes Signage, Parking Permits and No Annual Fee 

Q: How much does an owner of a Relocated/towed vehicle have to pay?

A: We are regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission for the amount we can charge a customer that has had their illigally parked vehicle towed, all prices are displayed on our Warning Signs